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“Well begun is half done.” – Aristotle

The key to delivering your project on time and in budget is starting off on the right foot. DSS Condo will work with you and your team to ensure your project’s goals, budget and timetable are aligned and realistic.

During the Project Planning phase, DSS Condo will address the following for the Association’s benefit:

DSS Condo Activities

  • Set your goals
  • Define your scope of work
  • Assess on-site conditions
  • Analyze alternatives
  • Set a preliminary schedule
  • Set a preliminary budget
  • Communicate with unit owners
  • Secure adequate financing

Benefits for Your Association

  • Achievable, realistic goals
  • Appropriate and accurate scope of work
  • Minimal surprises
  • Realistic schedule and budget
  • Understanding and support of unit owners
  • Secure the resources you need to finish the job

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

You can greatly increase your odds of success by letting DSS Condo manage the preconstruction process before any work begins. In fact, our clients feel they receive the most value for our service during this critical phase. DSS Condo will review your project’s proposed design for feasibly, cost-effectiveness, and accuracy, identifying any design flaws or opportunities for cost savings.

During the Preconstruction phase, DSS Condo will address the following for the Association’s benefit:

Key Activities

  • Lead value-analysis
  • Design team selection
  • Optimize design
  • Create unit owner voting package
  • Facilitate permitting
  • Create bid documents
  • Solicit bids
  • Analyze bid responses
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Create the Master budget
  • Create the Master schedule
    Assist with financial planning

Benefits for Your Association

  • Maximized project value, minimized costs
  • A qualified team to deliver your project
  • All the information your owners need to make an informed vote
  • Accurate, responsible, comparable bids from qualified bidders
  • Contracts that protect the Association
  • Achievable schedule and budget

With DSS Condo, you’ll have a full team of construction experts on your side who know how to manage the project and can quickly and cost effectively solve problems, so you stay on schedule and budget.

During Construction, DSS Condo will provide:

Key Activities

  • Project leadership
  • Schedule management
  • Cost control
  • Payment review and approval
  • Change order review and approval
  • Weekly meetings
  • Communication with unit owners
  • Problem solving
  • Dispute resolution
  • Logistics coordination
  • Quality controlFinancial reporting

Benefits to Your Project

  • A centralized point of communication and control over all parties involved
  • Detailed review on your behalf of all work completed and every penny spent
  • Cost-saving and problem-solving strategies throughout the project
  • A source of consistent, dependable information for your unit owners
  • Your project on time and on budget

DSS Condo will dot the I’s and cross the T’s to ensure successful completion of your project.

During Closeout, DSS Condo will provide:

Key Activities

  • Verification that work is completed
  • Assessment of quality
  • Punch list management
  • Authorization of final payments
  • Closing permits
  • Releases of lien

Benefits to Your Project

  • A quality and successful project delivered
  • Closed permits
  • Satisfied Unit Owners

DSS Condo has been working with us for over a year on the renovation of our garage and sculpture decks. They are very responsive and very professional in all their dealings and have worked well to make sure the we get what we need. I really appreciate them doing what they do.”

– Bill McDonald, Board Member, Grove Isle

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