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We specialize in planning and executing every type and size of renovation and restoration project for Florida’s Condominium Associations and HOA’s. Servicing Miami-Dade, Broward, Collier, and Palm Beach counties.

Our Story

DSS Condo was founded in 2014 by a team of experienced construction professionals who could no longer accept the fact that Condo Associations were over-paying for low-quality work and disorganized renovation and restoration projects. More often than not, Condo projects turned into every unit owner’s nightmare, creating chaos within communities and costing homeowners millions more than necessary.

It became clear that Associations needed a qualified, independent third-party to guide them through the construction process and protect the interests of unit owners along the way.

The team distilled their expertise and decades of construction experience into innovative new approaches to construction; created from the Association’s perspective, and designed to protect the unit owners’ interests.


We Can Help at Any Stage Of Your Project


Project Planning

The key to delivering your project on time and in budget is starting off on the right foot. DSS Condo will work with you and your team to ensure your project’s goals, budget and timetable are aligned and realistic.



DSS Condo will review your project’s proposed design for feasibly, cost-effectiveness, and accuracy, identifying any design flaws or opportunities for cost savings.



With DSS Condo, you’ll have a full team of construction experts on your side who know how to manage the project and can quickly and cost-effectively solve problems, so you stay on schedule and budget.



DSS Condo will dot the i’s and cross the t’s to ensure successful completion of your project.

Interior Renovation


Common area renovations


Material alteration votes


Interior design optimization


Interior corridor renovation


Gym/spa remodels


Life safety updates


Sprinkler installation


Electrical updates


Elevator modernization


LED lighting installations/green initiatives

Exterior Restoration


40-year recertifications


Concrete restoration and painting


Balcony repair/replacement


558 claim-related repairs


Pool deck renovations


Roof replacement




Landscape removal and installation


Post-tension cable repairs


Garage and site lighting

Your DSS Condo Team

Donald Kipnis, Founder & CEO

Donald Kipnis has guided clients to the successful completion of construction, renovation and restoration projects for more than 30 years. Donald has earned a reputation as one of South Florida’s most experienced, innovative and competent construction professionals. Donald’s and his team’s ability to simplify, direct and successfully complete even the most daunting projects are a source of comfort and confidence for clients.

James LaGreca, EVP Operations

Born into the construction industry, James began working for his father’s General Contracting company at an early age. His love for building and creating with his own two hands has led him down a long and exciting path within the business, ultimately obtaining a Master of Architecture degree from Florida International University. James’ unique blend of hand’s on experience and sophisticated understanding of the formal concepts of design and construction enables him to provide specialized Consulting and Construction Management services with a commitment to quality, on-time and in-budget delivery while protecting his clients.

Claudia Garcia, Operations Manager

Born in Cuba and raised in Miami, the daughter of an architect and a mechanical engineer, design and engineering run in Claudia’s family. Graduating at the top of her class with a Master’s in Architecture from FIU, Claudia has always possessed a passion for design and how it can affect and transform our homes and communities. This passion, coupled with her meticulous skill and detailed nature make her a tremendous asset to the DSS Condo team in the process of designing, planning and executing projects. Claudia is skillful at understanding spaces, and how a space can be transformed to maximize its value to the end user.

Jennifer Smith, Project Executive

DSS Condo Design Director, Jennifer Smith, has a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and a master’s degree in Architecture as well as a passion for thoughtful design processes and sensitivity to environmental impacts. Jennifer has a knack for creative problem-solving, attention to detail, and a keen ability to communicate with and successfully manage all construction trades.

Michael Pou, Project Executive

Michael Pou is a Certified General Contractor as well as Certified Roofing Contractor with nearly 20-years’ experience building and restoring condominiums, private homes and commercial spaces throughout South Florida. Michael has been on the front lines as a senior project manager for two of Miami’s largest general contracting firms, and has spearheaded major concrete restoration projects at many of Miami’s premier Condo buildings.

Jennifer Luis, Project Manager

DSS Condo Project Manager, Jennifer Luis, holds a master’s degree in Architecture and has worked with construction companies on a wide variety of design and build projects. Jennifer’s clients find her highly personable and adept at handling the multiple facets of her projects.

John Gioello, Project Manager

John Gioello has a Masters in Architecture as well as a Bachelors in Fine Arts. John grew up in South Florida and worked as an apprentice in his father’s painting business. Over the years, John has developed his construction skills while leveraging his artistic talents working as a designer, fabricator and project manager.

George Strom, Project Manager

George Strom is a 20-year veteran of the hospitality industry in both Miami Beach and New York City. Prior to joining DSS Condo, he was Director of Operations for the well-known Pubbelly Sushi group. George brings our team a strong business acumen and the ability to handle a demanding workload and high-pressure situations.

Andreina Borges, Project Manager

Andreina holds a Masters in Construction Engineering and Management from Purdue University, Indiana and a Bachelor’s in Architecture from Universidad Simon Bolivar, Caracas, Venezuela. She graduated Cum Laude from Simon Bolivar, receiving an honorable Mention for outstanding concepts in contents, development and presentation for her final thesis project. Andreina’s architectural education combined with her strong analytical skills make her a valuable asset to our DSS Condo team. Reliable and energetic, Andreina shows her professionalism and commitment to excellence in all her projects.

Chantal Mondiere, Project Associate

Marie has been with DSS Condo since she began as an intern in early 2018. After earning her Master’s Degree in Architecture from FIU, she became a full-time Project Associate.

Sofia Ornelas, Project Associate

Sofia graduated from California State University and comes to DSSC from the corporate hospitality industry. Sofia provides direct support to Director of Operations, James LaGreca.

Jonathan Cohen, Project Associate

Jonathan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Miami, and is currently completing his Masters Degree in Construction Management.

Condo renovation projects are hard.

So hard, in fact, that most are either late, over budget, or both –But they don’t have to be. You can beat those odds. Let us show you how.

“We are strong supporters of DSS Condo and the qualities and skills they bring to their projects. Yacht Harbour has been a total success. DSS Condo’s expertise saved us a significant amount of money.”

 Paul Kaplan, Managing Director, KW Property Management

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