Interior renovations and Remodel

Interior Renovations And Remodel

Partnering with many of Miami’s biggest developers, DSS Condo is the preferred choice when it comes to renovations and condo building remodeling.

Interior Renovations and Remodel

When renovating an Association’s common areas, we work hand-in-hand with Board members, Property Managers, Committee members and homeowners to transform common areas into tasteful, chic spaces tailored to your aesthetic. Our approach is turnkey, and includes a thorough review and analysis of every aspect of your renovation project down to the last specification — flooring, window treatments, painting, baseboards, lighting, ceiling treatments, life safety installations, furniture selection, custom millwork and more.

Why Choose DSS Condo For Your Next Condo Renovations?

DSS Condo and its team of experienced construction project managers and design specialists coordinate the build-out of your dreams, with features and finishes that preserve the unique look-and-feel that you love about your Association, while updating and improving the community’s aesthetics and property values for years to come.

Our Capabilities

Making things easier for you and your board is our goal. Having completed hundreds of multimillion-dollar units, residences, and corporate offices from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, we work hard so you don’t have to. DSS Condo’s design professionals handle everything from permitting to onsite, around-the-clock supervision to ensure minimum effort on your part. They’ll walk you through every step of the selection, installation, and finishes process, delivering a new aesthetic to your building that is sure to turn heads.

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Renovation & Remodel Permits

In addition to architectural and structural designs, we also provide a complete permit service for obtaining community approvals, development approvals, fire department approvals, and building department permits. 

Renovation & Remodel Budgets

One of the greatest benefits of condo remodeling is that the dollars previously spent on sticks and bricks and landscaping can instead be spent on the interior comforts to which you have grown accustomed. Our production experts work alongside the design team to ensure each project is carefully specified and designed within the budget goal.

Our Capabilities

Concrete Restoration and Waterproofing

Our Structural Restoration Contractors specialize in Concrete and Structural Restoration Services.

Interior renovations and Remodel

Interior renovations are a key part of maintaining your community and its property values. DSS Condo works with you to understand your project's goals and develop a budget that works for our Association.

40-year Recertification

We specialize in planning and executing 40-year recertification projects to ensure your Association is compliant.

Hurricane and Water Damage Repairs

If your Association has water damage it is imperitive to act quickly. Mold growth can occur in as little as 24 hours.

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