Result: Unit Owners saved $3.7 million

Beautification to building’s interior common areas including corridors, elevator lobbies, full amenity level, and lobby.

The Association voted and approved a design based on the Designer’s construction cost estimate which proved to be inaccurate. When the project was priced, the costs to implement the design far exceeded the special assessment amount.

Work with a new designer to establish means and methods of design and construction to help optimize costs and ultimately deliver the look and feel of the approved design within the approved budget.

DSS Condo worked closely with the new designer to identify and overcome all issues with cost, constructability, and code, while running budget estimates with multiple vendors. DSS Condo helped the Association identify more cost-effective materials and alternative construction methods in order to achieve the desired design. DSS Condo worked through the bid evaluation process to select a qualified contractor within the project’s budget constraints.

The redesigned project specifications saved Unit Owners $3.7 million and resulted in beautiful new common areas that were built within the approved budget amount, without the need for any additional assessments.

Condo renovation projects are hard.

So hard, in fact, that most are either late, over budget, or both –But they don’t have to. You can beat those odds. Let us show you how.

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