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Yacht Harbour

Result: Unit Owners saved $1 million while doing even more work than originally planned.

40-year-recertification, including elevator modernization, concrete restoration, balcony railing replacement, painting, landscape beautification, waterproofing and restoration of pool deck.

The Association was shocked to receive bids of $8 million and more in order to complete a project for which they had budgeted $3 to $4 million.

Design a more affordable project that was appropriate for the Association’s needs and that would constitute a long-lasting and positive investment for the community.

DSS Condo brought in a new design team to review and re-write job-specific specifications based on a thorough and detailed analysis of the building’s conditions and based on using materials that were just as effective but at much more competitive prices. The new specifications eliminated unnecessary balcony repairs and expanded waterproofing and beautification to the entire pool deck

Unit Owners saved over $1 million dollars and had enough money left over to replace all of the building’s windows with impact-resistant glass.

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