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Result: Unit Owners saved $1.1 Million

Concrete restoration, balcony railing replacement, window and door replacement, landscape beautification to amenity decks, pool decks, parking garage.

The Association engaged an engineer who under-engineered the project by developing inadequate quantities which led to inflated unit costs and quantity overruns. 

The Association had financially prepared for the project based on the Engineer’s recommendations and contractor’s contract which led to severe budget shortfalls.   

The Association decided to engage DSS Condo to correct the project scope, develop a realistic budget and rebid the project.

Get the project moving forward by identifying inadequacies, inaccuracies, and inconsistencies in the bid documents, contracts and overall project budget.

Rewrite the overall project budget to capture all costs not considered. Engage the right professionals needed to execute the project within the cost constraints of new budget. Accurately estimate materials and negotiate unit costs with the contractors based on new projections. Recommend alternative means and methods of repair and construction in order to deliver the project within the client’s new budget.

The Association saved Unit Owners over $1.1 million dollars through contract negotiations, contract buyout, alternative methods of repair, and tight cost control and bookkeeping.

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