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Hamptons West

Result: Unit Owners saved $460K and have a project that is back on track

Concrete restoration and paint, potential replacement of concrete railings with glass.

The Association struggled for several years to establish a scope of work that was appropriate and financially feasible and to convince the membership that the project was necessary. The Association eventually hired a contractor to perform work on one line of units in order to gauge the extent of needed repairs. Remediating one line of units cost $1 million, took longer than expected, and produced unexpected problems. Based on what they had experienced, the Board decided they needed an appropriate scope of work and a comprehensive plan before any more work was performed.

Get the project back on track. Clarify the full scope of work, identify inadequacies, inaccuracies, and inconsistencies in the bid documents and the contracts and establish a realistic budget.

DSS Condo met with the Association’s engineer of record to review the scope of work and identify any gaps and inconsistencies. A correct and fully reviewed scope of work was released for bid to 5 qualified and reputable contractors. DSS Condo negotiated with the Association’s preferred bidder on behalf of the Association: comparing contractors prices to one another, negotiating lower prices on subcontractors and products, negotiating the bond fee, as well as establishing a set purchase price for materials before costs increased due to an expected increase in tariffs.

DSS Condo was able to get the project back on track and reduce the contract price by $460,000.

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