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Grove Isle

Result: Unit Owners saved $6.5 Million

Concrete restoration, utility and drainage upgrades, landscape beautification to amenity decks, pool deck, parking garages, pedestrian paths and a vehicular bridge.

The Association commissioned a landscape architect to redesign the amenity and pool decks in order to take advantage of the large-scale concrete restoration project which was long overdue.

The design proved to be too costly when the contractor bids were collected and was unsuccessful in obtaining the votes necessary for a unit-owner material-change approval. 

Before moving forward, the Association decided to engage DSS Condo to help drive the project-cost down and guide them through this complicated design/bid/construction process.

Help the Association create a beautiful yet functional design, improve usability and sustainability, reduce long-term maintenance and drive project costs down.

Identify cost-prohibitive items in the design by analyzing previous bids collected and create alternative methods of design and construction. Work with the engineer to establish a more accurate scope of work by identifying excessive quantities, removing unnecessary items, creating site-specific specs and details, and subsequently reducing uncertainty in the rebid process.

A beautiful design was created by the newly commissioned landscape architect which generated overwhelming support with a unit-owner-vote. The overall project-cost was reduced from $25 million to $18.5 million for a total savings of $6.5 million.

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